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If there are any commodities in Asia with extremely high value commercially, culturally and religiously, Agarwood would have been among the top ten  list.  Traded  heavily  in  the continent for centuries from the Middle eastern  countries to the Buddhism cultural countries, the special wood is undoubtedly one of the most precious wood in the world, surrounded by heavy myths and strong historical  precedences.  Since the company’s foundation in 2012 ,Kynam Group has achieved a legacy of design innovation. We are proud to be a distinctively different and innovative manufacturer, promoting the best and the most advanced Agarwood products  for  Asia and Middle East.
Kynam Group is expand at Hongkong, Malaysia,Singapore,UAE and Vietnam

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We are personality your agar-wood product , sourcing from Asian finest raw material


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Address : MK Boutique 72 hang Buom ,Hanoi ,Viet Nam | Berjaya Timesquare ,Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia | 225/259 South Bridge  Road ,Singapore | Capital Trade Center 62 Tsun Yip st , Kwun Tong ,Hong Kong SAR | Crowne plaza Abu Dhabi ,Sheikh Hamdan Street Abu Dhabi ,United Arab Emirates

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Some pieces of Agarwood are even more priceless especially when the piece is heavily infected by fungus and dark, thus producing more resin. It is very rare to have a piece of Agarwood trunk that is rich in Oud and its aroma, as it is believed to have a powerful healing energy just from its aroma alone.
The rarity of the wood contributes to the steep climb in its price, making this piece wood collectible items that are highly valuable and rare.

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Also called “Aroma smoke agarwood”, set in from the high class in Macau, in general, using the cover of the heartwood produced by Aquilaria species , being cut as toothpick  size to put in the cigarette and smoke as one unique spice. It helps to reduce the toxin and create the special scent that is extremely noble. Nowadays, there are some cigarette brands starting to grind agarwood as a kind of flavor additive with the very high prices of product.  It can be also used to buri or wearing, depending on each purpose.


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